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Press Spin: Tampa Bay Times attacks council member on fluoride

There is misinformation on both sides of the fluoride debate. On Friday, the Tampa Bay times published an editorial criticizing a council member by citing  the “CDC and the mainstream scientific community” whoever they are. We know CDC has a vested interest, and even some of the so called facts cited by the spokesperson in the article are not entirely correct. (See September 21, 2012, Friday, 4 State / Suncoast Edition STRAYING FROM FACTS ON FLUORIDE, Section: NATIONAL; TIMES EDITORIALS; Pg. 10A, 539 words)

If it were my vote, I would vote no, and not add fluoride. But I am not voting in any of these fights going on nationwide.  Those of you who are voting should take time to check your facts, more than just spout the CDC line, because big government “spokespersons” are also known to make incorrect statements. There many reliable websites with information, but some have squishy information so be carefull. I try to only cite peer reviewed or reliable studies on this blog. In the end, the science will not determine the vote, but the ideology toward big government. Do you want big government (federal, state, or local) making such a decision to add a chemical you do not need to water you drink, and that is not necessary to have in drinking water for dental health (children or anyone else)?

Since the 1940’s, dentists have argued that fluoride is needed because there are not enough dentists. However, fluoride in drinking water is no substitute for dental care. It just looks to me that dentists arguing to add fluoride protects their monopoly and is an excuse to not provide dental care to the poor. Just wondering…..

Toyota drops plan for widespread electric cars….

This is rather remarkable, since it was the electric car that was to replace gasoline-driven cars and save the earth. So the earth is doomed afterall? Or did they just wake up to reality, rather believing in fairies?

Click here for news article…..

Fluoride “Liberal mob” comes to life in Pinellas County (FL)

It’s for the children, of course. But what about those children who get too much overall and/or the other citizens who just don’t need or want it. Dental health is not dependent on adding fluoride to drinking water. A great example of how the liberal mob thinking works in Pinellas County….click here….

Opposition to adding fluoride is bipartisan across the political spectrum. The fact that Democrat politicians are making it a political issue makes it clear that it’s not about children’s health at all….