Fluoride “Liberal mob” comes to life in Pinellas County (FL)

It’s for the children, of course. But what about those children who get too much overall and/or the other citizens who just don’t need or want it. Dental health is not dependent on adding fluoride to drinking water. A great example of how the liberal mob thinking works in Pinellas County….click here….

Opposition to adding fluoride is bipartisan across the political spectrum. The fact that Democrat politicians are making it a political issue makes it clear that it’s not about children’s health at all….

One response to “Fluoride “Liberal mob” comes to life in Pinellas County (FL)

  1. Putting medicine in our water, especially a substance which should NOT be ingested, has got to be one of the dumbest, ignorant, and most UN-American thing I’ve ever seen happen!

    Florida readers, join in the effort to stop the practice of putting toxic chemicals in our tap water.

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    Fluoride Free Florida