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Grand Rapids, Michigan children serve as fluoride guinea pigs

It has been very interesting taking a look into the history and issues surrounding fluoride addition to drinking water. It’s for the children, of course. That’s why children were used as guinea pigs when fluoride addition to drinking water was tested in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. If it was really harmfull, they would be sure to be able to tell right away. Those public health people….right on it!

(Um…well, this could not be done today most likely…..and a lifetime exposure effect like cancer would not be known until these children die, even if it could be detected in a small population…..but it must be safe….by definition.)…..And if there is a problem, these school and government officials will have retired by the time a problem is found anyway….so all is well.  Right!

 Children giving saliva samples in Grand Rapids, MI. National Library of Medicine

Click here for one of the more interesting fluoride history articles.

Guide to Islam and the Crusades…..

Press Spin: Reuters climate change deaths story erroneous, pure alarmism

Reuters issued a widely reported story, for example, posted here by the Huffington Post, cautioned: “Climate Change Deaths Could Total 100 Million By 2030 If World Fails To Act.”

The media turned it into another climate alarmism opportunity, but the underlying report is erroneous in its claims. Click here for more on this….

Supplier News: Coke, Deka collaborate to provide water

As reported here:

“The Coca-Cola Company has partnered with Deka Research & Development Corporation to deliver millions of liters of clean drinking water to schools, health clinics and community centers in rural regions of Africa and Latin America in 2013.”

“Deka’s Slingshot water purification system (pictured) uses a vapor compression distillation system that runs on low levels of electricity. The system boils and evaporates any dirty water source — river water, ocean water and even raw sewage — and then allows the pure water to condense and be collected.”

“One Slingshot unit can purify up to 300,000 liters of water each year, producing 10 gallons of clean water an hour while consuming less than 1 kW of electricity, according to Deka.”

California grants citizens (of the world?) the human right to water

Governor Brown has signed AB685 making California the first state in the nation to declare safe, clean, affordable and accessible water a human right. Sounds good, but read this sentence very carefully. (click here)

“California’s failure to provide clean, safe drinking water to its residents captured the attention of the United Nations in a special report released in August 2010. Reporting on her mission to the United States, Catarina de Albuquerque, the U.N. Special Rapportuer on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, cited a host of alarming drinking water supply and sanitation conditions in California.”

It’s California’s fault that its citizens do not have drinking water, so there must be more laws and government to make this happen, like a UN water tax based on a country’s water footprint (don’t laugh – the idea is out there).

Water policy such as this will ensure that only some people will have water and many will continue to have-not.  It is an unsustainable policy. The problem, of course, is that people do need safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water….but declaring this as a legal right will only succeed in making water attorneys more rich….I believe this approach will not achieve the desired outcome of water equity.

The United Nations by way of water is now active in California water policy….and is exerting more influence via “Friends of the UN” and other such organizations.

Expect this bill to be used to further argue for state-controlled and UN-controlled resdistribution of wealth (based on a water footprint) and water to the poor and poorer countries to equalize access to water, regardless of any economic impacts because now it is a legally declared human right.