Grand Rapids, Michigan children serve as fluoride guinea pigs

It has been very interesting taking a look into the history and issues surrounding fluoride addition to drinking water. It’s for the children, of course. That’s why children were used as guinea pigs when fluoride addition to drinking water was tested in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. If it was really harmfull, they would be sure to be able to tell right away. Those public health people….right on it!

(Um…well, this could not be done today most likely…..and a lifetime exposure effect like cancer would not be known until these children die, even if it could be detected in a small population…..but it must be safe….by definition.)…..And if there is a problem, these school and government officials will have retired by the time a problem is found anyway….so all is well.  Right!

 Children giving saliva samples in Grand Rapids, MI. National Library of Medicine

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