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The Truth About Mohammed Morsi

Ohio Surface Temperature, 1743 – 2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents regional climate change for the State of Ohio.

The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the mean daily maximum surface temperature, and the mean daily minimum surface temperture. Clearly, the range of actual temperature changes experienced in recent years is not extremely different than in the past. Sure, some years are colder or warmer than others, but natural variability such as this is to be expected.

As in the other plots posted on this blog, this first cut look at this data suggests that the people sounding alarms over an impending climate catastrophe are in a world of their own. The historical record suggests a very broad yet defined band of highly variable temperatures. This might be more apparent if the actual data is plotted rather than mean values. Still working on presenting that in the future, as it will take some time to dig through the BEST data set. The data for the graph below (and the others I have posted) are the means calculated by BEST. The BEST website presentation of the data is misleading at best. Running averages (as presented by BEST) only reveal central tendencies of data sets….not physical realities of the climate system.