Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Apathy prolonging cholera in Thiruvananthapuram (India)

“Three days after news of the cholera outbreak came out from the coastal regions in Thiruvananthapuram, the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) is yet to wake up from its slumber. A press release issued by the Revenue and Health Departments had on Tuesday said that additional water supply had been provided by KWA in the cholera-hit coastal regions. However, when contacted, KWA officials denied this.”

Is it apathy? corruption? or just plain lack of knowledge, money, and/or the will to act? Click here for the full article….

German delegation donates water treatment unit to Sierra Leone

“Welcoming the German delegation, Reginald Thomas, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, says the Ministry is very excited to receive the solar water treatment equipment, simply because they are facing a lot of difficulties in providing adequate and safe drinking water for the people of Sierra Leone. He also added that they do hope to replicate it in as many areas as possible, where people are deprived of clean and safe drinking water.”

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