Medical groups step up again to sell fluoride……like the 1940s

Since a small group of activist dentists in Wisconsin took up the fluoride crusade in the 1940s, the dentists and the medical community have been the “salesmen” on the ground for the cause. Groups like the American Public Health Association consider it a travesty that not everyone has fluoride added to their water, like it or not, need it or not. ADA and others apply modern marketing techniques to get their message out, like an evangelical crusade for fluoride. Given their dependence on government, such as the Dept of Health and Human Services, profluoride advocacy is all most medical professionals have ever heard. Click here for a classic example….

I’m sure his patients appreciate the doctor’s competence. I do appreciate my doctor and dentist. Should they decide what should be in my drinking water?….no.  But i do expect more than just a snow job from them on fluoride… and con. Of course, the potential harm is air brushed out of the picture by advocacy groups….

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