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Fluoride toxicity well established for decades….

It has been well-established that fluoride is toxic. Fluoride compounds have been used for many decades to poison various things…..from roaches to chicken lice to rats…..as well as people, albeit accidentally. When a citizen claims adding sodium fluoride (or silicofluorides) to drinking water is the same as adding poison to the water, they are technically correct. Of course, in toxicology “the dose makes the poison.” This means that the higher the dose, the greater the adverse effect. And at a low dose there may be no effect…..maybe…..It is impossible to prove such a negative claim. The best we can say using science is that our current measurement methods cannot detect an adverse effect, but there certainly may indeed be an effect that our current methods cannot detect. This is not to be alarmist….it is just factually true.

In the case of fluoride added to drinking water at a low dose, dentists argue that there is a beneficial effect in reducing cavities, although ecologic study designs cannot prove this to be true for every individual. More on this later, but for now, enjoy the article below on fluoride toxicity from 1952. (click on the image for the full article) The article is arguing for the safety of adding fluoride, which I argue is a misguided approach today (in 2012…not 1952) based on the expanded body of knowledge on fluoride toxicity gained over the 60 year period since this article was written.