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Fluoride addition still opposed after all these years….and it should be.

The supporters of communal addition of fluoride to drinking water have used the same tactics for over 50 years….In the beginning was government, and it is the primary driver today as well….To quote from later in the 1956 Saturday Evening Post  article whose first page is below:

“It won’t help me or millions of other adults. Maybe it won’t hurt me either. I don’t care. What I resent is a bureaucrat forcing the stuff down my throat.”

Press Spin: Kansas City Star spins for fluoride

In an effort to push fluoride on Wichita, Kansas, the paper in Kansas City has stepped into the fray with more spin…..There is no need to add fluoride to drinking water for dental health…..yet it remains a sacred cow.

In this article (click here), the NSF is quoted as an authority, yet as their primary funding source they are paid by manufacturers to have their chemicals reviewed. There are many economic interests with a hand in the fluoride pot…..from fluorine chemists who need research funding to newspapers with declining readerships…..

There is enough good information available for citizens to make informed decisions rather than to rely on spoon-feeding…


Fluoride and child intellectual development…

Studies such as this imply that fluoride at low concentrations are not harmful. However, total fluoride exposure is not reported. Drinking water fluoride concentration is used as a proxy, making interpretation of the results tentative.

B. Sesraj, M. Shahrabi, M. Shadfar, R. Ahmadi, M. Fallahzadeh, H.F. Eslamlu, M.J., Kharazifard. Effect of high water fluoride concentration on the intellectual development of children in makoo/Iran. J Dent (Tehran).2012 Summer;9(3):221-9. 

OBJECTIVE: Prolonged excessive intake of fluoride during child’s growth and development stages has been associated with mental and physical problems. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of excessive fluoride intake on the intelligence quotient (IQ) of children living in five rural areas in Makoo/Iran.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, 293 children aged 6-11 years were selected from five villages in Makoo with normal fluoride (0.8±0.3 ppm), medium fluoride (3.1±0.9 ppm) and high fluoride (5.2±1.1 ppm) in their water supplies. The IQ of each child was measured by the Raven’s test. Educational and residential information and the medical history of each child was recorded by a questionnaire completed by the parents. Data were analyzed by ANOVA test with a significance level of 0.05.

RESULTS: The mean IQ scores decreased from 97.77±18.91 for the normal fluoride group to 89.03±12.99 for the medium fluoride group and to 88.58±16.01 for the high fluoride group (P=0.001).

CONCLUSION: Children residing in areas with higher than normal water fluoride levels demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence. Thus, children’s intelligence may be affected by high water fluoride levels.