Global cooling in the immediate future

WANG ShaoWu, WEN XinYu & HUANG JianBin. Global cooling in the immediate future? Chinese Science Bulletin, November 2010 Vol.55 No.33: 3847–3852. doi: 10.1007/s11434-010-4177-1

New perspectives regarding the possible cooling of the Earth’s climate as a result of solar changes are reviewed in this paper. The major findings include: (1) solar activity is weakening to its very low level, which is comparable with the level in the early 20th century; (2) the current grand solar maximum has already lasted for eight 11-year solar cycles and might end in the coming one/two 11-year cycles; (3) a grand solar minimum might prevail in the next 100–200 years; and (4) the number of sunspots in the coming solar maximum (M)-year, around 2013, is an important indicator that needs to be closely monitored.

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