A carbon tax is misguided……placing a price on just being alive

Energy is the most important component of the economy. Carbon dioxide emission is a measure of energy use…..Our bodies are made of carbon compounds. Every person exhales CO2 at very high concentrations……CO2 is not a pollutant. The climate effects of CO2 are simply too small to be significant. In fact, CO2 in the atmosphere produces net benefits, not catastrophy. More severe climate changes have occurred in the past at lower atmospheric CO2 levels than seen today.

All forms of power generation rely at least in part on power generation using fossil fuels, albeit just for their construction. To tax carbon is to tax all energy generation and energy consumption as the costs are simply passed on.

Spread-the-wealth-around progressive/socialists like it as a way to take money from others for a seeming good purpose, but in the end serving as a means to control others through socialist engineering…..

Weak politicians like a carbon tax as a way to raise money without having to admit they are raising taxes….however a carbon tax would affect everyone…..

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