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Confusion about “climate” and “weather”…

I seem to recall that “climate” is not “weather.” The “weather” in the northeast is snowy and cold…..a typical snow storm I grew up with. Yet, Dr. Michael Mann is delusional over basketball courts rising, like the fabled hockey stick (click here).

The “climate” (based on variations over 30-year periods or more) of the northeast United States is well-known to have these types of snow storms, some more severe than others. There is simply no basis for the claim that the frequency of storms like Nemo are increasing due to CO2, global warming, or some mystical estimate of moisture in the atmosphere.

Reading tree rings (like those studied by Dr. Mann) do not tell us what weather to expect today, nor do they provide us any insight as to what weather to expect tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or any time in the future. The “basketball court rising” is an illusion, like the hockey stick.

CO2 fertilization benefits Amazon rainforest…

“The Amazon rainforest is less vulnerable to die off because of global warming than widely believed because the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide also acts as an airborne fertilizer” – Click here for full news article.

Eric A. Davidson, Alessandro C. de Araújo, Paulo Artaxo, Jennifer K. Balch, I. Foster Brown, Mercedes M. C. Bustamante, Michael T. Coe, Ruth S. DeFries, Michael Keller, Marcos Longo, J. William Munger, Wilfrid Schroeder, Britaldo S. Soares-Filho, Carlos M. Souza & Steven C. Wofsy. The Amazon basin in transition. Nature 481,321–328(19 January 2012)doi:10.1038/nature10717

Agricultural expansion and climate variability have become important agents of disturbance in the Amazon basin. Recent studies have demonstrated considerable resilience of Amazonian forests to moderate annual drought, but they also show that interactions between deforestation, fire and drought potentially lead to losses of carbon storage and changes in regional precipitation patterns and river discharge. Although the basin-wide impacts of land use and drought may not yet surpass the magnitude of natural variability of hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles, there are some signs of a transition to a disturbance-dominated regime. These signs include changing energy and water cycles in the southern and eastern portions of the Amazon basin.

Click here for full paper (fee).

California perchlorate PHG has no legitimate scientific basis…

“In conclusion, the 2012 draft document is essentially the same document as was presented in 2011. Substantial scientific concerns raised in comments to the 2011 draft document were not addressed in the 2012 document. While we appreciate OEHHA releasing another draft of its PHG risk assessment, the 2012 draft document provides no new scientific information to impact an assessment of perchlorate and fails to address many key issues that render the report inconsistent with 60 years of scientific investigation. As such, OEHHA cannot rely on the analysis contained in the draft document to produce a scientifically reliable PHG and we find no legitimate scientific basis for OEHHA to justify its proposed change in the PHG from 6 ppb to 1 ppb.”

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