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Criminal Referral of Dr. Peter H. Gleick

This post may make the “why-can’t-we-just-all-get-along” crowd uncomfortable. But this situation must be addressed and resolved by the court. Pretending it will go away is to bury one’s head (along with honesty, fairness, and justice) in the sand. Click image below for the full document.

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Fluorosis causes psychological distress, expensive to treat…

Huma Farid, Farhan Raza Khan. Clinical management of severe fluorosis in an adult. BMJ Case Reports2012; doi:10.1136/bcr-2012-007138 Reminder of important clinical lesson

Dental fluorosis is defined as hypomineralisation of enamel resulting from excessive ingestion of fluoride (more than 1 ppm) during tooth development. Mild-to-moderate forms of dental fluorosis are often unnoticed by the patients whereas severe fluorosis presents with dark brown-to-black discolouration of teeth along with enamel pitting and hypoplasia. Such discolouration results in an unpleasing appearance as well as psychological distress to the affected individual. Dental fluorosis can be managed by bleaching, micro/macroabrasion, veneering or crowning. The choice between different treatment options depends on the severity of fluorosis and patients’ aesthetic demands. The aim of this case report was to describe the stepwise oral rehabilitation of an adult with severe fluorosis along with multiple carious teeth. After restoration of carious teeth and extraction of unsalvageable teeth, bleaching and full-coverage restorations were used for the management of fluorosis.

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