Merchants of doubt on effects of solar irradiance

The authors of this study appear to be living in an alternative universe (one of the multiverses, I would presume).

Antonello Pasini, Umberto Triacca and Alessandro Attanasio. Evidence of recent causal decoupling between solar radiation and global temperature. Environ. Res. Lett. 7 034020.

The Sun has surely been a major external forcing to the climate system throughout the Holocene. Nevertheless, opposite trends in solar radiation and temperatures have been empirically identified in the last few decades. Here, by means of an inferential method—the Granger causality analysis—we analyze this situation and, for the first time, show that an evident causal decoupling between total solar irradiance and global temperature has appeared since the 1960s.

The idea of a total decoupling between irradiance and temperature is rather silly. In effect, these authors are “merchants of doubt” to undermine any suggestion that the sun plays a role in global temperatures.

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