Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

EPA incorrect on GHG endangerment finding

I’ve noted in several prior posts that the USEPA’s endangerment finding for GHG and regulation of CO2 was misguided and not within the scope of Clean Air Act (CAA).  Now, a formal petition has been filed with the US Supreme Court asking the court to vacate (invalidate) the Agency’s endangerment finding.

“By EPA’s own admission, expanding GHG regulation to stationary sources was contrary to the express terms of the Clean Air Act (“CAA” or “the Act”), was at odds with clear congressional intent, and produced a regulatory program that was “absurd” and “impossible” to administer.”

More on this action is provided by Dr. Tim Ball (click here). The petition to the US Supreme Court can be found here. In the US legal system, this type of action becomes necessary when an independent agency of the US government jumps beyond its legal and/or scientific boundries.