Daily Archives: September 5, 2013

EPA sends SWAT team to check water quality

“When agents with the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force surged out of the wilderness around the remote community of Chicken wearing body armor and jackets emblazoned with POLICE in big, bold letters, local placer miners didn’t quite know what to think.”

“Did it really take eight armed men and a squad-size display of paramilitary force to check for dirty water? Some of the miners, who run small businesses, say they felt intimidated.”

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Plant respiration differs by night and day….another problem for carbon-cycle models

Christopher Still. Biogeochemistry: As different as night and day. Nature 501,39–40(05 September 2013)doi:10.1038/501039a

An analysis of northern ecosystems shows that the effects on plant growth of rising night-time temperatures are opposite to those of increasing daytime temperatures — a finding that has implications for carbon-cycle models.

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