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Be cautious of papers intended to directly discredit others

I happened to see this post by Anthony Watts about a new study that has been published to challenge a prior paper in the same journal regarding planetary influence on solar activity. Click here.

Of concern is not the debate on whether or not the planetary motion does or does not influence solar activity. Having been a contributing editor to journal for a decade, I am very familiar with the rivalries that can develop between academics and their institutions. Regardless of who is correct in this case, papers published for the express purpose of trying to prove another paper wrong in this way is not something that I would have accepted unless it was a truely independent analysis. There are more professional ways to address such differences. I do not know these authors, but at first look there is more going on here…..perhaps another hidden agenda.

IPCC statistical methods are out of date

Richard W. Katz, Peter F. Craigmile, Peter Guttorp, Murali Haran, Bruno Sansó & Michael L. Stein. Uncertainty analysis in climate change assessments. Nature Climate Change 3, 769–771 (2013) doi:10.1038/nclimate1980

Use of state-of-the-art statistical methods could substantially improve the quantification of uncertainty in assessments of climate change.

For full paper click here (fee).

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