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Texas univeristy “scientists” confirm they live in another universe

According to Mr. Dressler and Mr. North, the “dozens” of atmospheric scientists at Texas univeristies all agree, so they must be right about catestrphic global warming.  (click here) The reality, they all want jobs. They have a job and government funding because they are true believers first (meaning, they hold a particular worldview), whatever else they may happen to know.  This article has the nature of expressing their worldview, which indeed exposes the real nature of their statements.

Such false argumentation from a “self appointed authority” really does not have any place in science or engineering. Having lost the arguments fron science, such advocates have only 2 choices. Name calling, which we hear alot, and elitism (we are experts, you are stupid). Both of these approaches have nothing to do with determining what is true. And now even the public can see through this facade.



University in Texas promotes mis-information about “climate change”

“Climate change will take the spotlight as internationally known scientist and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Dr. Michael E. Mann addresses Angelo State University’s 2013 E. James Holland University Symposium on American Values Monday, Oct. 28, in the Houston Harte University Center.” Click here

First, it has been known for quite some time and widely disseminated that Dr. Mann did not win a Nobel prize for any of his work. (Click here) Why is this deceit still promoted?

Second, Dr. Mann has not addressed (and I believe will not be able to address) even the most basic epistemological questions that provide the foundation of his claims, of which he seems to be completely oblivious. (Click here) Without a solid epistemological foundation, his claims are vacuous.

Science has moved on, rather rapidly, beyond anything Dr. Mann is talking about now.


Human error prevention of drinking water contamination

Resilience to evolving drinking water contamination risks: a human error prevention perspective. Tang, Yanhong Wu, Shaomin Miao, Xin Pollard, Simon J.T. Hrudey, Steve E. Journal of Cleaner Production. Oct2013, Vol. 57, p228-237.

Human error contributes to one of the major causes of the prevalence of drinking water contamination incidents. It has, however, attracted insufficient attention in the cleaner production management community. This paper analyzes human error appearing in each stage of the gestation of 40 drinking water incidents and their causes, proposes resilience-based mechanisms and tools within three groups: consumers, drinking water companies, and policy regulators. The mechanism analysis involves concepts and ideas from behavioral science, organizational culture, and incentive analysis. Determinants for realizing cleaner drinking water system are identified. Future efforts and direction for embedding resilience into drinking water risk management are suggested. This paper contributes to identifying a framework and determinants of resilience-oriented management mechanisms for cleaner drinking water supply, and, is essential for ensuring the successful practice of managing drinking water contamination risks. It harmonizes the two fields of risk management and resilience thinking, and provides a new insight for implementing effective actions in drinking water-related sectors.

Click here for full paper (Open Source).