Daily Archives: March 18, 2014

AAAS climate change report a classic snow job

This report from AAAS (click here) is unfortunate. It simply continues  trumpeting a mantra that has little to do with science and much to do with government funding. It is sad to see these so called members of the “science” establishment go so far off the rails in a attempt to preserve itself.

Nonprofit organizations today such as AAAS, the NAS, and the AGU are all about politically correct messaging to the masses and government organizations that hold their purse strings. Given the scientific illiteracy of most Americans today they will simply go along to get along and believe what they read in the news.

It does not surprise me that the report represents what these particular authors know about climate change. But an informed reader will see right away that this report does not begin to represent the whole story and is “propaganda” in its presentation style.

One thing has not changed about climate change and that’s the classic “snow job” presented here.

Greenland ice loss paper blown out of proportion

“The CAGW alarmist media is awash today with claims based on a paper published in Nature Climate Change that “Greenland’s ice loss has nearly tripled in a decade” and “the Greenland ice sheet has lost it’s last grip.” As usual, the paper has been hyped by the media to portray impending doom, while examination of the actual scientific paper reveals very little of concern.”

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650 ethical violations at Mr. Holder’s Dept of Justice

“The Department of Justice will not disclose the names of its lawyers responsible for more than 650 ethical violations found in internal agency watchdog reports.” click here

Why not? Perhaps they should be prosecuted or fired.