Daily Archives: March 29, 2014

Condi Rice the republicrat is simplistic, misguided on amnesty push

“Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice pressed for comprehensive immigration reform when she addressed the National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday.” click here

Easy for her to say. She has no awareness of the practical implications of what she is saying and she experiences no consequences whatsoever for going along with the GOPers.

Mr. Mike Huckabee: a very likable fellow, but very poor presidential candidate

We’ve seen this play out before. A return candidate gets some early traction out of courtesy but upon examination of policies and past decisions the candidate loses. Mr. Huckabee is indeed a very nice and sanguine fellow and good motivational speaker….But some of his policies? No thank you.

I really do think he is entertaining and a fine fellow. But every time I think of Mr. Huckabee as a presidential candidate I can’t help but think of the similarity to this other character:

  BIRD HOUSE BLUES 3huckabee

I wonder if this is a peak into the Huckabee White House: (where everybody is a star)  🙂