Yale study a typical “climate” propaganda effort

Manipulating language to achieve a particular behavioral outcome is not new. In fact such efforts have been going on within the “climate change” (aka “global warming”) crowd for many years. From calling people “deniers” and “skeptics” to threatening to put those who disagree with them in jail (click here). Those who manipulate language in this way certainly are not credible scientists and they should be ignored.

“What’s the point of language — especially in science? If you are naive, you might think it’s to communicate a fixed concept so everyone understands and can voice an opinion on the same thing. You would be wrong. The real purpose of scientific terms is to motivate the punters to behave differently (especially if that means “give us more money”). That’s why the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication has assigned 5 PhD’s and a guy called Feinberg to spend days, weeks and months analyzing surveys to find out which propaganda term is more “effective”. The simple answer is “global warming” ekes out more fear and pain among democrats than “climate change”; therefore expect to see its use rocket.” click here for full post at JoNova.

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