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Ocean acidification claims debunked – pick your nonsense

“Either the oceans are getting warmer and the CO2 concentration in seawater is decreasing, which means that ocean acidification from man-made CO2 from the atmosphere is nonsense.”

“Or the oceans are getting cooler and the man-made CO2 from the atmosphere is dissolving in those cooler oceans and causing – insignificant – ocean acidification, which means that warming oceans and the associated sea level rises are nonsense.”

Click here for the full explanation (at Principia Scientific).


Malaria still a much larger problem for Africa than Ebola

It’s been known for some time that Ms. Rachael Carson got it wrong on DDT with regard to toxicity. Banning DDT to control mosquitos and malaria has resulted in many many deaths, many times more than Ebola each year. 

300 million to 600 million people suffer from malaria each year. The disease kills about 1 million annually, 90% in sub-Saharan Africa . click here


National Wildlife Federation continues to publish misinformation

This is the kind of story-telling that any thinking person will ignore. It’s too bad such an organization has stooped so low. click here for another perspective.

“Already, Lake Superior has increased water temperatures and an earlier onset of summer stratification by about two weeks in just the past 30 years. Within another 30 years Lake Superior may be mostly ice-free in a typical winter.” click here

The wildlife portion of the article is fine. But as a life member of this organization it is embarrassing to see this sort of nonsense prediction about global warming.