Daily Archives: August 21, 2014

30 States request help regarding potential Ebola cases

“Thirty states plus the District of Columbia have sought the Center for Disease Control’s help identifying potential cases of Ebola.” click here

Not a surprise.

Solar energy generation depends on fossil fuels

I’ve made this point several times in the past and now it is becoming more clear as in this case. Such solar facilities are not “sustainable” and must depend on fossil fuels for their operation. But there is more. What is the carbon foot print associated with having to maintain and replace the mirrors and other physical features of this facility? Solar energy has an important place in the mix of energy options but it is a set back when a facility is oversold and promises are made that cannot be kept.

“The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating & Bird-Frying System in California, touted as the world’s largest “green energy” solar plant, has recently filed an application with the State of California to increase the carbon pollution emissions it generates from dirty fossil fuels to 94,749 tons of greenhouse gases per year, a 59% increase above the greenhouse emissions currently permitted by California. The plant is requiring much more natural gas to fire its boilers than expected when the Sun doesn’t shine & on cloudy days.” click here

Global-warming proponents are shutting-down scientific debate

Humans are part of the ecosystem. We cannot help but have some effect on the atmosphere. But what that means for weather, climate, and “climate change” in a particular locality, a specific region or continent, or more general on a global scale is very much the subject of debate, or at least it should be. Ideas need to be exchanged between scientific disciplines in an open and honest discussion in order for any of the science to proceed. This means recognizing the limitations of any particular research study, which can be very threatening and difficult for a researcher to do.

“Climate-change science is “settled,” say proponents of anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming, or AGW: the earth is getting warmer, and human activities are the reason. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), set up by the United Nations in 1988, has issued five assessment reports since its founding. In its most recent, in 2013, the IPCC stated that it was now “95 to 100 percent certain” that human activities—especially fossil-fuel emissions—are the primary drivers of planetary warming. Frequent news reports—such as the story of the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a process that some scientists say is irreversible—seemingly confirm these conclusions.” click here