Daily Archives: August 27, 2014

USEPA water maps set the stage for more regulation, federal control

Using GIS to map geography and water resources is not new. This has been done by the USGS for many years. But now such maps become even more important as UESEPA moves to regulate and control all US water resources via the Clean Water Act (CWA). Not sure about this?

Well, does anyone recall the Two-Forks dam project proposed by Denver Water? In 1990, USEPA administrator Reilly (not Browner as previously mentioned) used the veto power of CWA Section 404c to kill the project after many years of development. ( click here ) Two-Forks was the first of such unilateral vetos by EPA of a large water project. We can expect many more administrative vetos large and small to follow if USEPA continues down the path it is currently on with regard to CWA jurisdiction over-reach.

“The Environmental Protection Agency secretly drafted highly detailed maps of waterways in all 50 states while pushing a controversial plan to expand regulatory power over streams and wetlands, according to a top House Republican who suspects the maps are a blueprint for when it’s time to pull the trigger.” click here