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Dental fluorosis and Diabetes Insipidus

Bansal R, Jain A, Mittal S, Kumar T. Full mouth rehabilitation in a medically compromised patient with fluorosis. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research. 2014 Jul;8(7):ZD22-4. doi: 10.7860/JCDR/2014/9148.4594.

Severely worn out dentition needs to be given definite attention as it not only affects aesthetics but can also cause psychological distress to the affected individual. It can cause chewing difficulty, temporomandibular joint problems, headaches, pain and facial collapse. Before any attempt to restore severely worn dentition, aetiology of excessive tooth wear should be established. Severe wear can result from chemical cause, mechanical cause or a combination of various causes. Dental fluorosis can also result in severe wear of teeth. Teeth sometimes become extremely porous and friable with a mottled appearance ranging from yellow to brown-black. There occurs loss of tooth substance and anatomic dental deformities resulting in un-aesthetic dentition requiring full mouth rehabilitation. Here a similar case of full mouth rehabilitation of severely worn dentition due to dental fluorosis in a 27-year-old patient is presented. This case report conjointly presents the uncommon association of diabetes insipidus with dental fluorosis. Diabetes insipidus through its characteristic symptom of polydipsia can result in intake of more than permitted dose of fluoride thus causing dental fluorosis. In literature only few cases have been reported of dental fluorosis in association of diabetes insipidus. Full mouth rehabilitation of the patient was successfully accomplished through well-planned systematic approach to simultaneously fulfill aesthetic, occlusal and functional parameters.

The study of “History” now an endangered species

Perhaps it should not be a surprise that the designers of “Common Core” would want to rewrite history by manipulating language, if not completely eliminate the study of history, US history or of anywhere else. But “history” does not simply begin when someone is born. And it is not just a matter of language arts. There’s more substance to history than language arts… a lot more.

“A new study, published by the Boston-based research group Pioneer Institute (PI), demonstrates the serious repercussions of the Common Core standards’ approach of merging academic disciplines.” click here