Salton Sea Report: Back to the Future and the Iron Rice Bowl

Like clock work, another alarming report from the Pacific Institute (click here for news article). This time it is the Salton Sea. Everyone who is paying attention has known about the Salton Sea situation for decades. Improving water quality at the Salton Sea will be a massive undertaking, so it was a pretty safe topic for the Pacific Institute to promote (as opposed to Peter Gleick and global warming). It is near impossible to say anything positive about the Salton Sea situation.

But as a ¬†politically motivated institute such a study continues the tradition of the iron rice bowl. An institute releases a study saying the obvious in an alarming way. Activists and politicians then use the media to promote the alarm. In this case, Senator Boxer right on cue to alarm citizens and indirectly push the water bond. Just wait, government agencies whose funding depends on such projects will soon chime in. And what happens when such an effort is funded at $billions? Who eventually benefits? Watch where the money really goes….

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