Dynamic Model of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor

Guilherme A. Pimentel, Alain Vande Wouwer, Jerome Harmand , Alain Rapaport. Design, analysis and validation of a simple dynamic model of a submerged membrane bioreactor Water Research 70 (2015) 97 e108

In this study, a simple dynamic model of a submerged membrane bioreactor (sMBR) is proposed, which would be suitable for process control. In order to validate the proposed model structure, informative data sets are generated using a detailed simulator built in a well-established environment, namely GPS-X. The model properties are studied, including equilibrium points, stability, and slow/fast dynamics (three different time scales). The existence of slow-fast dynamics is central to the development of a dedicated parameter estimation procedure. Finally, a nonlinear model predictive control is designed to illustrate
the potential of the developed model within a model-based control structure. The problem of water treatment in a recirculating aquaculture system is considered as an application example.

The article is here (fee).

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