Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

“Social Cost of Carbon” Studies Skew Reality for Decision-Makers

The government study and now the Stanford Study on the “social cost” of carbon attempts to separate and quantify “costs” attributed only to CO2. No consideration is giving to quantifying the benefits. As I’ve noted before a model is not reality and this is certainly the case for economic models. Assumptions can be blinding and if they all point in one direction a skewed reality results.

“A recent U.S. government study concluded, based on the results of three widely used economic impact models, that an additional ton of CO2 emitted in 2015 would cause US$37 worth of economic damages. These damages are expected to take various forms, including decreased agricultural yields and harm to human health related to climate change.”  click here

Environmental Advantages of Renewable Energy Are a Myth?

“Renewables use sun, water, wind; energy sources that won’t run out. Non-renewables come from things like gas, coal and uranium that one day will. But unless electricity and motorised transport are abandoned altogether, all “renewables” need huge areas of land or sea and require raw materials that are drilled, transported, mined, bulldozed and these will run out. Wind turbine towers are constructed from steel manufactured in a blast furnace from mined iron ore and modified coal (coke). Turbine blades are composed of oil-derived resins and glass fibre. The nacelle encloses a magnet containing about one third of a tonne of the rare earth metals, neodymium and dysprosium. Large neodymium magnets also help propel electric cars.” click here

[PS: In case anyone wonders, I am not opposed to renewable energy sources. I am for complete disclosure of information. ]

US Senate Vote on “Climate Change” Like Voting to Agree That the “Sun Rising” is Impacting the Planet

Perhaps like many others I expect more than this sort of silliness from the newly elected congressional leaders and members. (Or are they just the same ol’ same ol’.)

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday he will allow the Senate to vote on an amendment asking if they agree that climate change is impacting the planet.” click here

Mr. Mitch McConnell and the Senate are drowning in a “Climate Change” ideological swamp filled with government money. In reality it is simply impossible for changes in climate to not affect the planet in some way.