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Mr. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) Appears Determined to Shut Down DHS and Destroy the Very Document (the US Constitution) that is Intended to Protect Immigrants (Legal or Illegal)

“No, I’m not going to vote for the three-week extension [one that, according to the Associated Press, is “expected to also pass the Senate and gain Obama’s signature”]. Many of the same lack of security issues for the homeland will occur if the uncertainty is there” he said.

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Mr. Barack Obama Misrepresents Radical Islam

Part 1: Obama Thinks 99.9% Of Muslims Moderate? Think Again

Part 2: The Terrorists Aren’t Crazy, They’re Devout

Part 3: No, Obama, Piety, Not Poverty, Drives Islamic Terrorists

Part 4: A Real Strategy To Defeat The Islamofascist Enemy

Part 5: Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat

Part 6: ‘Perverting’ Islam, Obama Misquotes Scripture

IRS Fraud on “Missing” Ms. Lois Learner Backup Tapes

Remember the IRS corruption in targeting conservative groups? Well this is proof positive of a cover up (through neglect) and just perhaps criminal activity. 

“Camus told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) that while investigating, his team realized the IRS had failed to turn over one relevant document. The IG demanded and got the document in question, which subsequently led to the discovery of an additional 424 backup tapes they had not previously been aware existed at a government data center.” click here

Microfungi in Tap Water and Bottled Water, Poland

Biedunkiewicz A, Kowalska K, Schulz L, Stojek K, Dynowska M, Ejdys E, Sucharzewska E, Kubiak D. Mycological monitoring of selected aquatic ecosystems in the context of epidemiological hazards. Drinking water. Annals of Parasitology. 2014;60(3):191-8.

Many species of microfungi are reported in aquatic ecosystems with different frequency. Their number constantly fluctuates depending on the concentration of environmental and anthropogenic factors. Drinking water, tap and bottled, is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It is also the main component of food and hence it should be safe for human health and free of contaminants. The mycological purity of tap water in two large cities in the region (Olsztyn and Ostrołęka) and a small village (Gągławki) as well as bottled, medium-mineralized and curative water stored under different conditions were tested. The laboratory investigations followed a pathway applied in diagnostic mycological laboratories. The conducted tests demonstrated that microfungi were found in tap water originating from the cities and in bottled water. The rural water supply system was free from contaminations. Eighteen species of microfungi were identified in tap water from Olsztyn and 9 species in tap water from Ostrołęka. In bottled water, 13 fungal species were detected. Exophiala spinifera and Debaryomyces hansenii were recorded in the water supply systems of both cities, while one common species, i.e. Aspergillus fumigatus, was identified in tap water fromOstrołęka and in bottled water. The conducted studies have significant practical implications, for instance in sanitary and epidemiological water evaluation and in medicine in the context of analysing the quality of drinking water in reference to health resorts and nosocomial infections.

Click here for paper (Open Access).

$3 Billion in Unauthorized Treasury Spending on Obamacare Just the Beginning; More Revelations to Come

Last time I looked I seem to recall that government agency spending without a congressional appropriation was a violation of….well, you guessed it…..the US Constitution.

“The U.S. Treasury Department has rebuffed a request by House Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R- Wis., to explain $3 billion in payments that were made to health insurers even though Congress never authorized the spending through annual appropriations.” click here

Profile Sampling to Characterize Lead in Tap Water

Clark B, Masters S, Edwards M. Profile sampling to characterize particulate lead risks in potable water. Environmental Science and Technology. 2014 Jun 17;48(12):6836-43. doi: 10.1021/es501342j.

Traditional lead (Pb) profiling, or collecting sequential liters of water that flow from a consumer tap after a stagnation event, has recently received widespread use in understanding sources of Pb in drinking water and risks to consumer health, but has limitations in quantifying particulate Pb risks. A new profiling protocol was developed in which a series of traditional profiles are collected from the same tap at escalating flow rates. The results revealed marked differences in risks of Pb exposure from one consumer home to another as a function of flow rate, with homes grouped into four risk categories with differing flushing requirements and public education to protect consumers. On average, Pb concentrations detected in water at high flow without stagnation were at least three to four times higher than in first draw samples collected at low flow with stagnation, demonstrating a new “worst case” lead release scenario, contrary to the original regulatory assumption that stagnant, first draw samples contain the highest lead concentrations. Testing also revealed that in some cases water samples with visible particulates had much higher Pb than samples without visible particulates, and tests of different sample handling protocols confirmed that some EPA-allowed methods would not quantify as much as 99.9% of the Pb actually present (avg. 27% of Pb not quantified).

Click here for paper (fee).

More Evidence That CO2 has No Practical Effect on Temperature

The newspaper headline claim:

“Scientists have witnessed carbon dioxide trapping heat in the atmosphere above the United States, showing human-made climate change ‘in the wild’ for the first time.” click here 

In reality, the “interpretation” given to the analysis presented in this article and this paper simply finds what has already been assumed from the beginning. Indeed, the statement  “The data say what the data say,” is false. Data do not speak or talk. Data is interpreted. Assumptions and underlying presuppositions determine the conclusions.

Data says nothing. Scientists say what they believe to be the meaning of the data. And the researchers can believe as they would like.  The article states that “The study is good technical work,” and perhaps it is. [I’m not questioning anyones intelligence here. I am questioning the underlying assumptions made.] 

The news article quote regarding study saying that the results are ” expected — sort of like confirming gravity with a falling rock ” strongly suggests that the researchers have simply read into the data conclusions that have been assumed from the beginning.

Upon closure scrutiny it becomes clear that the claims made are not supported by the study itself.

“Either way, what the study shows, is that increasing CO2 has had very little effect on water vapour levels or near surface air temperature in Alaska, and is easily overcome by natural variability.” click here

The interpretation and attribution made looks to be in the minds of the researchers and those with similar underlying assumptions.