More Evidence That CO2 has No Practical Effect on Temperature

The newspaper headline claim:

“Scientists have witnessed carbon dioxide trapping heat in the atmosphere above the United States, showing human-made climate change ‘in the wild’ for the first time.” click here 

In reality, the “interpretation” given to the analysis presented in this article and this paper simply finds what has already been assumed from the beginning. Indeed, the statement  “The data say what the data say,” is false. Data do not speak or talk. Data is interpreted. Assumptions and underlying presuppositions determine the conclusions.

Data says nothing. Scientists say what they believe to be the meaning of the data. And the researchers can believe as they would like.  The article states that “The study is good technical work,” and perhaps it is. [I’m not questioning anyones intelligence here. I am questioning the underlying assumptions made.] 

The news article quote regarding study saying that the results are ” expected — sort of like confirming gravity with a falling rock ” strongly suggests that the researchers have simply read into the data conclusions that have been assumed from the beginning.

Upon closure scrutiny it becomes clear that the claims made are not supported by the study itself.

“Either way, what the study shows, is that increasing CO2 has had very little effect on water vapour levels or near surface air temperature in Alaska, and is easily overcome by natural variability.” click here

The interpretation and attribution made looks to be in the minds of the researchers and those with similar underlying assumptions.

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