Daily Archives: March 23, 2015

Ceramic Membrane Materials for Removing As(III) /As(V)

Sklari S, Pagana A, Nalbandian L, Zaspalis V. Ceramic membrane materials and process for the removal of as(iii)/as(v) ions from water Journal of Water Process Engineering April 2015 5:42-47

In this article, a hybrid process is described for the removal of As(III) and As(V) from drinking water, based on two ceramic membrane modules connected in series. The first module serves as an efficient distributor of ozone to the water stream and employs functionalized ultrafiltration membranes. The second module serves as an As(V) adsorber and employs microfiltration membranes with iron oxide nanoparticles deposited in the pores. The synthesis of the membrane materials and the evaluation of the process in treating a feed stream containing 70ppb As(III)+As(V) are described. As appeared from the results, complete removal of all Arsenic species could be achieved. Membrane regeneration and removal capacity recovery could be achieved by a membrane heat treatment at 110°C for 24h.

Click here for paper (Open Access).