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Do President Obama, Wealthy Democrats Ignore Poverty by Sending their Kids to Private Schools?

Just wondering or course. This statement seems rather hypocritical to the casual observer.

“During a conversation about poverty, President Obama said he was concerned that more wealthy people were separated from poverty because they chose to frequent private institutions instead of public ones.” click here for article


Second-Order Chorine Decay Model with DOM

Hua P, Vasyukova E, Uhl W. A variable reaction rate model for chlorine decay in drinking water due to the reaction with dissolved organic matter. Water Research. 2015 Feb 26;75:109-122. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2015.01.037.

A second order kinetic model for simulating chlorine decay in bulk water due to the reaction with dissolved organic matter (DOM) was developed. It takes into account the decreasing reactivity of dissolved organic matter using a variable reaction rate coefficient (VRRC) which decreases with an increasing conversion. The concentration of reducing species is surrogated by the maximum chlorine demand. Temperature dependency, respectively, is described by the Arrhenius-relationship. The accuracy and adequacy of the proposed model to describe chlorine decay in bulk water were evaluated and shown for very different waters and different conditions such as water mixing or rechlorination by applying statistical tests. It is thus very well suited for application in water quality modeling for distribution systems.

Click here for paper (fee).