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Global water fluoridation? Unnecessary and Counterproductive Indeed….

Such advocacy is blinding, even on a global scale. Alternative therapies are certainly needed to replace the sacred cow of water fluoridation in the 25 countries that are still stuck in darkness.

Botchey SA, Ouyang J, Vivekanantham S. Global water fluoridation: what is holding us back? Alternative therapies in health and medicine. 2015 May;21(3):46-52.

Artificial water fluoridation was introduced more than 60 y ago as a public health intervention to control dental caries. Despite wide recommendations for its use from the World Health Organization (WHO) and studies showing the benefits of water fluoridation, many countries have opted out. Currently, only 25 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia have schemes for artificial water fluoridation. The issues faced in efforts to promote the global uptake of water fluoridation and the factors that affect the decision to implement it are unique in both developed and developing countries and must be explored. This article addresses the benefits and challenges of artificial water fluoridation. Further, it tackles the complexities faced with uptake of water fluoridation globally, such as ethical and political controversies and the use of alternative fluoride therapies. Potential future strategies to encourage the uptake of artificial water fluoridation are also discussed.