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Fluorosis Stained Teeth Restored: A Case Study

Slaska B, Liebman AI, Kukleris D. Restoration of Fluorosis Stained Teeth: A Case Study. Dental clinics of North America. 2015 Jul;59(3):583-91. doi: 10.1016/j.cden.2015.03.003.

Dental fluorosis manifests by too much ingestion of fluoride resulting in disturbances in enamel mineralization. The result is intrinsic discolorations in the maxillary and mandibular teeth with a poor esthetic appearance. In challenging cases, an esthetic result may be achieved only by a combination of techniques. This case report demonstrates a combination of modalities used to treat a patient presenting with atypical staining as a result of high-level exposure to ingested fluoride present in the drinking water as a child. Conservative treatment consisted of a combination of in-office bleaching to reduce the discoloration and porcelain veneers to create an esthetic result.