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Mr. Jerry Brown “Poison’s the Well” on climate and “climate change”

Climates change. No one denies this. To accuse anyone, and political candidates in particular of being a “denier” or a “merchant of destruction” is simply to “poison the well.”

The term “poisoning the well” is derived from an ancient wartime practice where poison would be poured into sources of fresh drinking water before an invading army in order to diminish the attacking army’s strength. 

To “poisoning the well” (an argumentum ad hominum) is to release adverse information about and/or attack a target with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that target has to say. In this case Presidential candidates are being targeted. Statements such as that below contribute nothing positive to discussions about changes in climate and simply create ill will. 

“California Gov. Jerry Brown has a greeting for the GOP Debate on Wednesday: Welcome, “merchants of destruction.” Brown deployed his characteristically acid rhetoric in an interview with Bloomberg, in which he flogged his climate change hobbyhorse and attacked the Republican field for neglecting, or denying the issue.” click here

Gravito-Thermal Greenhouse Effect versus ERL Increase

Now we have 2 competing explanations. One fits the science and observational evidence. The other does not. A detailed post (here) but well worth reading.

“The Arrhenius radiative greenhouse effect proponents, having abandoned “back-radiation” from greenhouse gases as the explanation of the greenhouse effect, now claim global warming is instead due to an increase of the “effective radiating height” or “effective radiating level” [ERL] of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So the theory goes, an increase of CO2 levels will cause longwave (~15 micron) infrared emissions from CO2 to occur from colder heights in the atmosphere, and since colder blackbodies emit less radiation, more radiation will allegedly be “trapped” by the colder CO2 “blackbody” in the fabled tropospheric “hot spot” and unable to escape to space.

In contrast, the competing 33C gravito-thermal greenhouse effect of Maxwell, Clausius, Carnot, Boltzmann, Feynman, Poisson, Helmholtz, et al, shows that the “effective radiating level” or ERL is fixed at the center of mass (COM) of the atmosphere.” click here