Daily Archives: October 8, 2015

Human Activity is Not Causing Dangerous “Climate Change”

The climate changes because is it a dynamic and chaotic system. The argument that humans cause dangerous “climate change” presumes that a changing climate can change into something else. This is nonsense.

From an Open Letter here:

“Climate change is overwhelmingly natural and cyclical; human contribution to it is slight and not dangerous; attempts to reduce human contribution by reducing CO2 emissions would cause more harm than good; and expanded use of fossil fuels is necessary to provide the abundant, affordable, reliable energy indispensable to lifting and keeping societies out of poverty. Although CO2 emissions warm the earth slightly, they do not warm it dangerously, and the benefits of fossil fuel use, especially in enabling whole societies to rise, and remain, out of poverty, far outweigh whatever risks might accompany their small contribution to global warming.”