Daily Archives: November 16, 2015

Mr. Miroslav Volf Earns a Failing Grade in World Religion Beliefs

Many of the underlying beliefs of all major world religions (and minor ones as well) are mutually exclusive. To say they are all the same attempts to air-brush out the real differences which can make people uncomfortable. Certainly, even a cursory examination of their belief systems reveals this fact. For example, the beliefs of Islam and Biblical Christianity are mutually exclusive. Mr. Volf’s statement is simply irrational.

People should be treated equally. However, belief systems must be carefully examined, the truth retained, and falsehood rejected. This includes the underlying beliefs of world religions.

“Yale theology professor Miroslav Volf argues that all religions are basically the same—equally prone to fanatical violence and to peaceful love of neighbor—and thus should be treated in exactly the same way.” click here

Obama Administration Claim that “Climate Change” is a Greater Threat Than Terrorism is Nonsense

Quite the contrary to the claims of the Obama administration. No one is ignoring “climate change”. Climates change.

But repeatedly the Obama administration has declared their claim that “climate change” is a greater threat than terrorism. This is attitude towards terrorism simply exchanges security with political expediency. It has undermined the urgency of responding to a real security threat.