Daily Archives: November 22, 2015

Ms. Naomi Klein is Simply Mistaken; Islamic Terrorism is the Moral Crisis when Nations Fail to Act Against it.

Ms. Klein appears blinded to the fact that the most vulnerable people on earth will be only be helped by pursuing economic justice and elimination of energy poverty. World governments fiddling around with another climate treaty or trying to stop natural changes in climate with more theoretical models that have little relation to actual climate dynamics will do nothing to help the poor.

“Climate change is a moral crisis because every time governments of wealthy nations fail to act, it sends a message that we in the global north are putting our immediate comfort and economic security ahead of the suffering and survival of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on Earth.” click here

“‘Best Option’ is to take-out Paris Style Attackers”

“In a 60 Minutes interview scheduled to air November 22, Washington DC police chief Cathy Lanier said taking out the gunmen in a Paris-style attack is the “best option” for citizens between the time they call 911 and the moment police arrive.

Lanier said citizens basically have three options–they can “run, hide, or fight.” And she said choosing to “take the gunman out” is the best option if the citizen is in a position to do so.” click here

Obamacare Costs Rising, Not Falling

President Obama claimed the the costs of health care would go down. In trying to sell VITAMEATAVEGAMIN Ms Clinton is simply speaking political nonsense.

“Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton announced her plan Friday to fight “the rising costs of health care,” even though she previously assured Americans that Obamacare would “control costs.” “ click here