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“Climate Change” is No Match Against Terrorism

I seem to recall a number of years ago on the campaign trail Mr. Barack Obama saying that if someone he opposes brought a knife to a fight he would bring a gun. He would fight back with even greater force than those opposing him.

But today, he brings “climate change.” 

This is a joke, right? Or am I missing something. 

The Biggest Scientific Fraud in History?

Most certainly the catastrophic global warming claim is one of the most distorted representations of science to date.

“Earth’s atmosphere has not warmed for decades, as shown by both satellites and radiosonde data.” click here for article

California, a Sticker Bush Must be Avoided

Mr. Jeb Bush can go home now.


Household Water Treatment Technologies Equally Effective for Thermotolerant Coliform Bacteria

Mohamed H, Clasen T, Njee RM, Malebo HM, Mbuligwe S, Brown J. Microbiological Effectiveness of Household Water Treatment Technologies under Field Use Conditions in Rural Tanzania. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2015 Oct 27. doi: 10.1111/tmi.12628.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the microbiological effectiveness of several household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) options in situ in Tanzania, before consideration for national scale-up of HWTS.

METHODS: Participating households received supplies and instructions for practicing six HWTS methods on a rotating five-week basis. We analysed 1202 paired samples (source and treated) of drinking water from 390 households, across all technologies. Samples were analysed for thermotolerant (TTC) coliforms, an indicator of faecal contamination, to measure effectiveness of treatment in situ.

RESULTS: All HWTS methods improved microbial water quality, with reductions in TTC of 99.3% for boiling, 99.4% for Waterguard brand sodium hypochlorite solution, 99.5% for a ceramic pot filter, 99.5% for Aquatab® sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) tablets, 99.6% for P&G Purifier of Water flocculent/ disinfectant sachets, and 99.7% for a ceramic siphon filter. Microbiological performance was relatively high compared with other field studies and differences in microbial reductions between technologies were not statistically significant.

CONCLUSIONS: Given that microbiological performance across technologies was comparable, decisions regarding scale-up should be based on other factors, including uptake in the target population and correct, consistent, and sustained use over time.

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is Growing

Using thousands of satellite readings taken all over the polar continent, NASA glaciologists determined that ice was accumulating by an average of “112 billion tons a year from 1992 to 2001.” Since then, the buildup as slowed somewhat. But on average, the ice cap is still growing by an average of 82 billion tons annually. click here

Bottled water quality in North India

Sharma B, Kaur S. Microbial evaluation of bottled water marketed in North India. Indian journal of public health. 2015 Oct-Dec;59(4):299-301. doi: 10.4103/0019-557X.169660.

Drinking unsafe and unhygienic water can cause waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid. The present study describes the microbial evaluation of bottled water sold in North India. The samples were analyzed for total viable count and coliforms and susceptibility to different antibiotics. Though free of coliforms, the samples had a total viable count ranging from 0.01 × 10 1 cfu/mL to 2.40 × 10 3 cfu/mL and in 17% of the samples, total viable count was much higher than specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Government of India. Among the samples, 6.5% also showed fungal growth. On checking the sensitivity of bacteria isolates to different antibiotics, most of the strains were found to be resistant to a number of antibiotics. It can thus be concluded that the consumption of bottled water with a high viable count and that was bacteria-resistant to different antibiotics may have an effect on the health of the consumers, especially immune-compromised individuals.