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Pope Francis is Incorrect About “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”

Climates change. The hype over “global warming” and “climate change” is simply political, not scientific.

Pope Francis is incorrect about catastrophic global warming and climate change. I am not the only one to draw this conclusion. Consider this post by Wm. Briggs.

There are some very serious environmental problems in many countries of the world. Continuing to fight the “windmill” of “climate change” diverts attention and energy away from addressing real environmental problems in a meaningful way.

Peruvian Farmer is Confused, Misguided on “Climate Change”

If a strict liability standard is applied properly this is a frivolous lawsuit and should be thrown out. I do have a lot sympathy for this farmer’s situation. But climates change naturally with or without RWE.

The carbon dioxide the farmer emits every time he exhales has a direct impact on the atmosphere above his farm since he lives right there. What proportion of the climate stress he is experiencing is due to his own existence and choices? 

“A Peruvian farmer has filed a landmark lawsuit against German energy giant RWE, saying that the company’s fossil fuel emissions endanger his family, livelihood and hometown, a German NGO said Tuesday.” click here