Paris Climate Agreement a “Manufactured Success”

Continuing down such a path of unrealistic global average temperature reduction goals based on limiting CO2 emssions is to head in the wrong direction. C0ntinued use of fossil fuels in addition to other energy sources will be necessary in order to effectively respond to changes in climate. “Carbon” is not the evil some groups claim it to be.

“Overall what came out of Paris was the diplomatic equivalent of a New Year’s resolution to go on a strict weight loss regime involving no more than six chocolate eclairs between meals. But the negotiators did pay some attention to one green concern: The goal has been lowered. Instead of pretending to take actions that will hold the total temperature increase down to 2 degrees Celsius, we will now, in the words of the document, solemnly pretend to “[pursue] efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.” There was, however, no mechanism specified to reach this target; nobody volunteered to adopt more aggressive decarbonization policies to implement this change in the real world. In other words, the world announced that it intends to lose weight on the same six eclair diet as before.” click here for full article

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