Terrorism is a Muslim Issue; Political Terror has Roots in Islam

Much of what has been written after the San Bernardino shootings seems to be rather shallow (e.g. here).  with an underlying agenda to blame America and the “right-wing” Christians (who ever they are).  A more reasoned point of view is reported here:

“Jasser said at a conference held at the Heritage Foundation last Friday that “Terror is a Muslim issue, an Islamic issue within the house of Islam.” He also criticized U.S. Muslim groups that lament tragedies such as the San Bernardino shootings but say their religion is not responsible. Jasser insisted this violence has roots in Islam, and that Islamist political terror is being nurtured in Saudi Arabia’s strict Wahhabi branch of the faith.” click here

Indeed, Muslims themselves will have to face the fact that political and religious terrorism has roots in Islam and stop avoiding the issue (e.g. here). To prevent the type of violence occurring in other parts of the world (e.g. here) from spreading across the US Muslims themselves must embrace and pursue a meaningful reform movement (e.g. here). For more on reform click here.


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