Temperature Station Siting Affects Measured Temperature Trends

I’ve never met Mr. Anthony Watts but I’ve read much of his work on the impact of station siting on measured temperature trends. A high-quality temperature station is far superior to arbitrary adjustments of data from poor-quality sites.

“Using NOAA’s U.S. Historical Climatology Network, which comprises 1218 weather stations in the CONUS, the researchers were able to identify a 410 station subset of “unperturbed” stations that have not been moved, had equipment changes, or changes in time of observations, and thus require no “adjustments” to their temperature record to account for these problems. The study focuses on finding trend differences between well sited and poorly sited weather stations, based on a WMO approved metric Leroy (2010)1for classification and assessment of the quality of the measurements based on proximity to artificial heat sources and heat sinks which affect temperature measurement.” click here for poster

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