Daily Archives: January 3, 2016

Mr. Netanyahu on Tel Aviv Shooting

“”After expressing satisfaction with some Arab leaders’ condemnations of the shooting, Netanyahu singled out the Israeli-Arab population.

“We all know there is wild incitement by radical Islam in the Arab sector,” Netanyahu said. “Incitement in mosques, incitement in the education system, incitement in social media.

“I will not accept two nations within Israel: a lawful nation for all its citizens and a (second) nation within a nation for some of its citizens, in pockets of lawlessness.

“Those times are over,” Netanyahu added. “Whoever wants to be Israeli must be fully Israeli — both in rights and in obligations. And the first and paramount obligation is to abide by the laws of the state.”

Netanyahu called on Arab Knesset members, “all of them, without exception, to condemn the murder clearly and unequivocally. Murder is murder, it must be condemned and acted against by all sides.” “”

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