The Religion of Global Warming

Nils-Axel Mörner. The New Religion of Global Warming and its Misconceptions in ScienceJournal of Religious Studies, Buddhism and Living. Dec 24, 2015, Volume 1, Issue 1 Article Number: JBL-1-001

The anthropogenic, CO2-driven, Global Warming (AGW) has taken the world by storm, and grown into a new `religion´. It is built on false premises, however. It violates the physical law of a logarithmic relation between atmospheric CO2 content and temperature, and it ignores actual temperature measurement and related observational facts. The calculated temperature changes from 102 AGW-models lie above measured values by a factor of three. It leaves us with the conclusion that the AGW- idea is a heresy. This implies that the temperature and sea level threats by year 2100 are illusive scare stories. General environmental concern, on the other hand, is of utmost importance for a good future life on Planet Earth.

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