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ObamaCare ‘The biggest con job in American history’….

A confidence trick (called a con job) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence or trust. It looks as if American citizens have simply been tricked out of affordable health care by ObamaCare….

“The biggest con job in American history lumbers forward, as insurance companies warn ObamaCare will collapse unless even more huge premium hikes are dropped on customers.  As The Hill reports, even the Kaiser Family Foundation – which played a huge role in dumping this disaster on the American people – admits it:” click here

‘Closet tree-huggers’ Greening the Navy, Marines

The Obama Administration’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn: 

“SECRETARY MCGINN: “It’s unfortunate that years ago energy was so politicized. But, I think we’re getting over that very, very quickly, and people are realizing that we’re doing this not just because we’re closet tree-huggers or anything like that — we are — but it is because we are in the business of fielding the most expeditionary capable Navy and Marine Corps team we possibly can, and that is an enduring principle.” “

The US Navy & Cutting Edge Energy Innovation in the Defense Sector
Atlantic Council
April 12, 2016

Source: Climate Depot

Looks to me that energy is just as politicized today to advance a “green” party ideology, not military capability.