Real-time Modeling and Visualized Monitoring of Urban Water Drinking Quality

Weiwu Yan, Jialong Li, Xiaohui Bai. Comprehensive assessment and visualized monitoring of urban drinking water quality. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Volume 155, 15 July 2016, Pages 26-35.

It is important to comprehensively assess and monitor drinking water quality to ensure a safe and clean drinking water supply. A real-time comprehensive assessment based on modeling and visualized monitoring of urban drinking water quality is discussed in this paper. A weighted aggregative index, a method for evaluating problems with multiple indexes, is used to evaluate the drinking water quality in Shanghai city. Considering the disadvantages of the subjective and objective weighted methods, a combined weighted index method called the geometric mean weighted method is proposed to assign weights to the indexes of drinking water in order to make the weight distribution more scientific, reasonable and robust. Then, the drinking water quality is displayed visually by a distribution map of drinking water quality based on a geographic information system (GIS). This real application shows that the proposed methods are effective and promising for the assessment and monitoring of water quality.

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