Telling Lies About “Climate Change” Simply Perpetuates Self-Deception

This writer (here) seems to be confused. He admits that climate change = weather and that it is always changing. Changing climate is simply changing weather patterns over time and space.

“Maybe the real issue is with the wording, because ‘climate change’ just doesn’t sound that bad.
Every night I go to sleep, and every morning I wake up and the climate has changed. It’s called the weather.”

But then he argues that lies should be told: 

“In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies.” 

The climate is a dynamic system whether it is global, regional, or local. It’s always adjusting. It will not be changing into something other than what it is. Changes in climate cannot be stopped. Adaptation should be the focus ( and for adaptation fossil fuels will be necessary). 

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