Clarity Needed Regarding the Roots of Islam and Terrorism, Not Political Obfuscation

Ms. Hillary Clinton supporters seem to be continuing to perpetuate a false statement that terror has nothing to do with islam (here). This mantra began immediately after the San Bernardino shootings (here). This really helps no one but simply creates ill-will.

There are indeed many Muslims (my Muslim friends included) who are peaceful and their practice of Islam does not include an inclination or desire (overt or hidden) towards violence or terrorizing others. However, this is not true of everyone who identifies themselves with the religion of Islam. To radicalized Islamists jihad is indeed part of their expression of their Islamic faith. Further, political terrorism is part of historical roots of the religion of Islam. This reality must be faced squarely and confronted but with sensitivity and respect for those whose personal expression of their Islamic faith is peaceful and respectful of others. (A peaceful expression of Islam would include being respectful of those of Jewish, Christian, other religious faiths as well as people who have no religious faith whatsoever).

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