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Solar Variability Affects the Earth’s Climate

“The IPCC bases its conclusion that man has caused most of the warming in the late 20thcentury solely on two assumptions. The first is that the only natural causes of warming or cooling are TSI (total solar irradiance) and volcanism. Further, they assume the variability of TSI is very small and the climatic effect on the Earth is instantaneous and evenly distributed. We can see from the references……that this assumption is weak. The second assumption is that the warming from 1951 to 2010 is mostly due to man…… This assumption is also dubious….” click here

Climate Change RICO Lawsuit Filed

Given the wild claims being made in California and elsewhere it is certainly plausible that more is going on here than meets the eye.

“The lawsuit accuses the defendants of misappropriating tens of billions of dollars from public funds, and re-investing a large part of the misappropriated funds back into the allegedly illegal scheme.  The lawsuit singles out defendant Ceres, Inc., claiming it intends to steal $36 Trillion of public money over the next 36 years.  Workers and pensioners of California and New York are among the most vulnerable, but public funds and even private investments in other states are also in danger, according to the plaintiff.” click here for full post at WUWT